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Humanity Origin Hypothesis

Homo sapiens have been created by DNA ENGINEERING technology using two sources of alive material (ancient not clever human like Neanderthal ~ 95 % of DNA plus ~ 5 % of alien DNA based on preliminary estimate) for the purpose to serve the ancient alien civilization for labour & servant needs that existed on earth about 50-200 thousand years ago. (Out of the scope of hypothesis - why ancient aliens civilization has disappeared ? Potentially due to several reasons combined - earth living conditions where not 100% suitable for aliens, earth resources issues, aliens internal conflicts/war that arisen and led to distinction or decision to leave our earth)

List of supporting arguments

Why we raised Humanity Origin hypothesis

We do not claim author rights for this working hypothesis. We see many arguments supporting this working hypothesis & as this topic is of interest for us we decided to collect supporting information into one single place in easy & readable format. Please give feeback or suggestion us here

Why we started this initiative

We are curiuos, love analytics and logical argumentation that allows to integrate different sources of information & come to interesting consclusions.

Other important statements to mention

We understand that this hypothesis is very hard to prove. We highly recommend to not use by you this information for any kind of decision as all arguments need re-verification & additional scientifical prove. This topic is out of comfort zone for some people groups or individuals and we respect all opinions and believes whatever they are.

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