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Human genome is a miracle (a6)

Argument 6: Human genome shows extraordinary intelligence hidden inside cell​

ARGUMENT 6 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: "Humanity just discover what is DNA & just starts their first baby steps in understanding secrets & intelligence hidden in human genome DNA"

6.1 DNA discovery that shows we are just babies in this area​

Just only 60 years ago the Nobel Prize in 1962 was awarded to James Watson, Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins for their discovery of the molecular structure of DNA, which helped to solve one of the most important of all biological riddles. Watson and Crick’s structure of DNA explained how information is transferred in living material & living material understands how to structure itself.

It is amazing that only the mid-to-late 1940s, scientists just began to suspect that the molecules that are responsible for heredity were not proteins, but in fact DNA, short for deoxyribonucleic acid. But how could a molecule long considered to be so simple and where it holds the secret of life was still unknown.

6.2 Human genome (DNA) is a miracle​

It is hard to grasp the true complexity of the human genome. First of all each of our cells has the same copy of DNA sequence in nucleus. The human DNA is located inside every human body cell.


You can think of human DNA as a very complex programing language that instruct any our body cell how to grow, where to grow, how to operate and change either into skin cell or muscle or liver cell etc. Computer programs use only 2 coding elements - 0 & 1. While Human DNA use 4 coding elements - Guanine, Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine. To those who like chemistry and biology (G)uanine, (A)denine, (T)hymine, (C)ytosine are quite simple 5 carbon atoms structures. In chemistry we name them monosaccharides with chemical formula C5H10A5.


By the way 0 & 1 are used in all our computers programs on which basis Windows or Apple or Facebook application operate. All those computer programs are huge unique sequencies of 0 & 1 that instruct our computer or our phone how to operate & behave. The same approach is valid with (G)uanine, (A)denine, (T)hymine, (C)ytosine in DNA that is super long unique sequence carrying all human being creation information.

Tiny extract for human genome DNA sequence looks like this: Shumeranz

6.3 Human DNA sequence lenght​

ShumeranB Another amazing example to understand how long is human genome DNA.
If we print just single human cell DNA code on the paper books it will require 262000 pages and will weight 450 kg. If you consider that single human cell weight is just 0,000000000001 gram and it is able to store 450 kg of books information inside.

No one can argue that this is miracle !

6.4 Even our super computers are not able yet to interpret such quantity of DNA information​

Let's take other example to understand better why our super computers are still not powerful enough from an engineer perspective ShumeranC

2000 tankers illustrate the best what is the scale of information we have to deal with ( consider those x,y,z) in order create functional human being and this is still far away from our super computers capabilities. ShumeranC

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