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Ancient superb technologies (a2)

ARGUMENT 2: There are so many real ancient existing superb technologies buildings & artefacts that prove ancient more advanced civilization existed before us

Quote: "If you have not seen Antarctica it does not mean that it doesn't exits in reality. Antarctica exists and this is proven fact, so are the ancient buildings and artifacts - you have just focus more and notice them in from of your eyes"

ARGUMENT 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: There are some many mysteriuos superb quality & superb precision ancient buildings & artifacts still left on the earth indicating that there were highly sophisticated & even much more advanced civilization than ours. Those artefacts number is astonishing just invest your extra time & you will find them easily. We will share just some minor number of examples on this page like:

  • Superb precision mysteriuos Barabar Hill Caves in India
  • 7 truly exceptional pyramids from Egypt
  • Puma Punku blocks in Bolivia indicating ancient explosion of amazing scale
  • More to be added later


Superb precision mysteriuos Barabar Hill Caves in India

  • The five Barabar Hill Caves (Hindi बराबर, Barābar) are the oldest surviving rock-cut caves in India. This is fact that precisions of those caves as unexplainable. With current and modern technology we would be not able to replicate such caves nowadays but we are able to measure the precision with latest laser technologies that do allow us to measure precision.

building1 building3 building4 building5 building6 building7

Amazing investigative video about Barabar Hill Caves press link to youtube

7 truly exceptional pyramids from Egypt

  • There are no reason to proove that Egypt Pyramids do exist but probably not everyone knows that only 7 out of more than 100 existing pyramids in Egypt are truly super extraordinary & out of any explanation who and how managed to create such a wonder. Nevertheless some think that it was achieved via ancient people hard work but we are incapable to replicate such scale & precision yet that was achieved by ancient civilization.

Puma Punku blocks in Bolivia indicating ancient explosion of amazing scale

  • Pumapunku or Puma Punku complex present at the Tiwanaku Site near Tiwanacu, in western Bolivia. The most mysteriuos is that those huge stones are created from hardest stone granit. It is clearly seen even with naked eye that mechanical or lazer machines or some other mysteriuos technologies we used to create those crazy forms in stones. Precision of some stones are as well more than amazing - precisions is not in millimeters but in microns ( 1 millimeter is 1000 microns). Stones forms indicate that special technological purpose was behind. Chaotic latest position of stones and the scale of destruction indicates huge explosion evidence in the site in the ancient times. Interesting video about Pumapunku

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