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Aliens visit artifacts (a4)

ARGUMENT 4: Ancient stone drawings from Mexico indicate ancient aliens visit story

ARGUMENT 4 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: There are thousands of real ancient artefacts that are found in the ground for many years by rurals in central Mexico e.g. Jalisco province that communicate mysteriuos story of aliens visit to earth due to collapse of aliens origin planet. Same story line is present in many thousand artifacts - that aliens came & lived on the earth, have had contact with ancient earth people and what is interesting - some kind of merge have happened between aliens & ancient earth people.

  • The findings of the ancient contact ceased to be a secret for the public. For 50 last years, the inhabitants of the province of Jalisco (Mexico) and other provinces have been collecting mysterious objects from the ground from the past for their personal and local museums. During this time, they managed to find huge number of artifacts, which depicted spaceships and aliens that tell the very same story in stone paintings - ancient aliens come to earth because they planet was impacted by the comet and lived on the earth with humans for certain period of time.
  • Thus, this find is a confirmation of the hypothesis of the Mexicans about paleocontact with aliens from other planets. After some researchers studied in detail the stone drawings on the artifacts, they came to the preliminary conclusion that for a long time representatives of alien civilizations lived next to ordinary people in ancient times.

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